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Sing me something soft

Sad and delicate

Or loud and out of key

Sing me anything

. . .

Sing like you think no one's listening

You would kill for this

Just a little bit

Just a little bit

You would

Straylight Run, “Existentialism on Prom Night”



Bryn is a female forest gnome standing 3'4". She has white hair, which she usually keeps pulled up and back, ruddy skin, and jet-black eyes. She bears two identifying marks that are usually kept hidden by her clothing: a mark on her left hand and a silver scar on her left shoulder. The mark is the result of an Ilithid attack on her naming day; she usually keeps this hidden with a hand wrap. The mark has had a tendency to ache and burn, particularly when Bryn is praying. The scar is the result of the attack in Little Grove, where her acquaintance Simmy was affected by a rage-inducing magical attack and stabbed her in the shoulder before Bryn was able to dispel the magic affecting her.


Bryn is small, and often acts small, except when it comes to matters of knowledge. She rarely takes the lead in conversations, and appears most comfortable answering questions or writing in her journals. She tends to be ambivalent when it comes to making decisions and does not want to be the source of conflict; some may take her for a pushover.

However, Bryn is quite opinionated. Her knowledge and intellect can be a source of pride, and she has been told my many (including at least one god) that she is too smart for her own good.

Bryn has not made friends easily, and despite traveling with the Third Family since the events of Little Grove, she only made one true connection with another member of the party by the time they journeyed to the plane of knowledge. Nonetheless, she is beginning to warm to the others.

Given the choice, Bryn will gladly feast on copious amounts of cheese, breads, and coffee. She has a low tolerance for alcohol, but will find ways to imbibe with her party when the need arises.

For a time, Bryn's personality is also being affected by the presence of Oghma, who placed a part of himself in her brain as part of her punishment/penance for failing to live up to her vows and ideals.

Bryn struggled with herself and with most members of her party over her devotion to Oghma, but at present she is working to better herself.


Before the Story

Bryn was born in Spriggan on a Shieldmeet day ninety years before the events of the story. She was recognized as a cleric of Oghma at birth, and as Spriggan is the center of Oghma-worship in Hilan, she was raised by the clerics there.

At the age of twelve, during her naming ceremony, Bryn was attacked by the Tentacled Lord. The clerics were able to banish him, but not before he left a part of his mark on Bryn's left hand.

Fearing what this might mean, Bryn was not allowed to leave Spriggan for the next seventy-eight years, and could not leave the temple complex without an escort. She became a chronicler, and became quite adept at records the facts of a given narrative. She sat by many a wounded, injured, and dying traveler, adventurer, and scholar as they dictated their last tales and requests.

As she neared her ninetieth birthday, Oghma visited Bryn in a dream and told her to leave Spriggan and "fill the scroll". However, the Chief Priest, one Donnel Castguard, refused to let her leave until he, too, had a vision. Bryn left Spriggan and headed for Little Grove, which was soon to celebrate its Great Festival to Eldath.

With the Third Family

Little Grove

  • Met the Third Family
  • Called down a "miracle" against Gen. Stormosin, causing food and drink to appear in her stomach
  • Killed the abyssal worm that possessed Adrian Oakengrove
  • Stabbed by Simmy in the attack on Little Grove
  • Could not revivify Raffin Whane, but used Speak with Dead to allow him one last moment with his sister, Alas - for his sake, not hers

Beggar's Hole

  • Shoes tied together by the Fey


  • Concerns dismissed by Chief Priest Castguard
  • Betrayed by Castguard & the entire Order of Oghma
  • Revivified guard killed in the fight against Castguard
  • Nearly drowned in the Dreamscape created by Feno Stormosin
  • Made a Lady of Menzoberranzan by G'eldaere Baenre
  • Denounced the current Voice of Oghma
  • Refused to be called the Voice of Oghma herself
  • Failed to prevent Jii's death or revivify him


  • Made friends with Jinx, the Kenku keeper of the Drowned Beagle
  • Along with Rylan, helped explain to the council the plague affecting the city

Court of Coral

  • Acquaintance with Loray
  • Mark on hand burns on the ourward trip
  • Helped depose Siobhan and Elias Alastai and install Lord Ripjaw Chandler Sophson Nevermere on the throne
  • Silence from Oghma on the homeward trip


  • Helps give Lymdell a reprieve from a demon attack
  • Obtains a scroll to travel to the Plane of Knowledge from the Temple of Labelas Enoreth
  • Aided in the defeat of the Lord of Deceit
  • Helped capture the traitorous Galanodel parents
  • Used "message" to get aid from Tiago to open a direct portal to Morad


  • Bought a dress for the Autumnal Ball, along with a circlet (or two) and updated her everyday clothes
  • Danced with Rylan at the Autumnal Ball, and went with him to Tatiana's Ball as well, where the Summer Knights initiated a conversation about knowledge and wisdom with her
  • Helped defend the emperor against an assassination attempt led by Rameles Civar
  • Opened a portal to the Plane of Knowledge using her scroll and sacrificing her sovereign glue, treasure gained from Feno's Dreamscape

Plane of Knowledge

  • Talked with Labelas Enoreth, who revealed the conflict in the heavens resulting in many gods' pathways being shut
  • Disagreed with Rylan over how to talk to Enoreth
  • Berated by Oghma for (a) failing to become his Voice, (b) being blinded by pride and allowing the comfort of knowledge to keep her from pursuing truth, and (c) not pressing Enoreth more.
  • Put on a pilgrimage (as punishment/penance) by Oghma to reassemble his Namers

Gael Aethal

  • Vented her frustration with Oghma to Fuego
  • Offered and (at this point) rejected a “deal” by a messenger of Ilsensine
  • Helped defeat a Rift Lich in a necromaner’s tower
  • Failed to prevent Rylan’s abduction by the First Blade
  • Talked with Thea about their relationship, their initial plans to rescue Rylan, and Bryn’s will
  • Helped Kam kill the First Blade by using “control water” on the First Blade’s body
  • Connected with Thea in the aftermath

Morad (Resetting the Alternate Timeline)

  • Argued with Kam, worsening relations between her and him and Rylan
  • Openly admitted she was not a good person to both Rylan and Kam
  • Saved Ruinfea from death while battling Civar, Glyn, their barbarian, and Siarché
  • Listened to Tiago lecture about the nature of time while observing his autopsy of Ramelas Civar
  • Enjoyed several rounds of celebratory drinks with the party at The Gentleman’s Flute
  • Rededicated her vows to Oghma, which was heard and accepted

Fight Against the Silver Robins

  • Tried (unsuccessfully) to explain that Oghma had accepted her vow to protect Kam
  • Used “Planar Ally” to ask Eilistraee to return Aniel to the party
  • Accidentally ordered Aniel to kill Glor, leader of the Silver Robins (who had himself not violated hospitality nor actively fought against the Third Family
  • Revivified Glor
  • Refused Oghma’s offer to “return home” with him, ultimately rejecting Oghma altogether
  • Had a heart-to-heart with Rylan, as well as conversations with Thea, Kam, and Keres


  • Talked with Aniel about her future
  • Followed the party and the Traveler into the snowy Feywild

The Feywild

  • Stayed by the fire at The Traveler’s feast
  • Successfully cast blight before being feeble-minded by a blight witch
  • Taken back to Ruinglast with the rest of the party by Mab at Rylan’s request.


  • Murdered in her sleep at the Purple Scale in Ruinglast while feeble-minded
  • Will read and executed by Thea and Rylan
  • Prepared and dressed for burial by Rylan, Thea, and Ruinfea
  • Given to Meme by Fuego for burial in a forest, dressed in her Autumnal Equinox ballgown, and with her pens & parchment


The Third Family

Fuego Nevermere: Fuego is like a father to the party, and this includes Bryn. She has only had one real conversation with Fuego, and that was her complaining about Oghma's treatment of her. Nevertheless, Fuego has consistently checked in with Bryn to make sure she is all right, particularly after the deaths of Adrian Oakengrove and Jii. Bryn's fondest memory of Fuego is when he held her hand along with Thea so she could skip through the portal from Lymdell to Morad.

Fuego consistently gives Bryn sound advice, though she may not fully understand what he is saying at the time.

Kam: Bryn was initially willing to give Kam the benefit of the doubt for Rylan’s sake, but after Kam berated her within hearing of the entire party, provoking her to anger and bringing out the worst aspects of her character while (in her mind) entirely mischaracterizing her actions and motives, she viewed Kam as an interloper and intruder.

She did not like him, and only trusted him to protect Rylan. For that, she was willing to overlook much, but that only goes so far.

That changed after resetting time in Morad. Having time to think and contemplate, she realized how unfairly she had treated Kam (and most members of the party, in fact) and vowed to respect and protect him as part of the Third Family - a claim that Oghma heard- and accepted.

Oghma later tried to get Bryn to renege on her vows, promising her peace and clarity if she would turn on Kam. When she chose her party over her god, Kam defended her with his sword, stating that “the lady has made her choice” and declaring Oghma his enemy.

in the aftermath, Kam and Bryn talked; the two are not enemies, and though Kam does not consider himself part of the Third Family, Bryn still considers him under her protection, such as it is.

Keres: Bryn’s initial attitude toward towards Keres was to appreciate their taste in coffee. At The Gentleman’s Flute the two chatted briefly, where Keres made it clear that further disrespect (whether intentional or not) would result in dire consequences.

During Oghma’s attack, Keres protected Bryn with her wings and in the aftermath told Bryn she “chose well, [but] that doing good often hurts.”

Bryn thanked Keres later, to which Keres pointed out Bryn was secondary in her estimation. Bryn accepted this, but offered thanks anyway. As they parted, Keres offered a handshake to Bryn, which she accepted.

Ruinfea: Bryn likes Ruinfea, though there has not been much conversation between the two. Bryn is concerned that Ruinfea spends too much time in her druid shape than is neccessary; Ruinfea assures her she's got it all under control.

Rylan Baenre: Bryn considers Rylan her closest friend in the Third Family. He was one of the first to welcome her to the party, and has consistently gone out of his way to make Bryn feel welcome, accepted, wanted, loved, and beautiful.

Though she gets along well with the rest of the party and will defend them, it is only Rylan (so far) that she has admitted to herself that she loves. Their relationship is rocky; it seems every step forward results in a step back, usually because of something Bryn had said or taken out of context.

Currently, Bryn does not know how Rylan feels about her. Oghma revealed her thoughts about Rylan's treatment of Labelas Enoreth, and Bryn gravely insulted Rylan’s love, Kam - and without meaning to, Rylan himself.

Rylan danced with Bryn at the Autumnal Ball, the highlight of Bryn's life.

After Oghma’s attack, Bryn and Rylan had a heart-to-heart. They both shared what had be troubling them, and while it was hard for Bryn to hear, the two began to mend their relationship.

Rylan also offered Bryn sound advice about what to do now that Oghma had abandoned her.

Theodosia Chandler: Bryn and Thea often have the same thoughts and reactions and have been known to communicate with little more than a look. Thea is the mother of the party, and she has helped Bryn come to terms with the fact that she cannot save everyone. Thea also held Bryn's hand, allowing her to skip through the portal into Morad, and helped Bryn choose her Autumnal Ball gown, helping her feel beautiful for the first time.

Bryn truly connected with Thea after the party rescued Rylan from the First Blade. Thea helped Bryn out of her armor, which had become stiff with the Blade’s blood, and modestly kept her back turned as Bryn scrubbed the blood out while mostly undressed. Later, the two shared a fire and Thea braided Bryn’s hair; this was the first time in over seventy-eight years that Bryn can recall someone willingly doing this. Bryn fell asleep in Thea’s room, enjoying a cup of coffee and listening to her “tinker” with her lyre.

Bryn feels responsible for Thea’s sacrifice following the battle with Siarché.

Thea makes sure Bryn knows she is wanted. Thea remembered Bryn when the party went to celebrate after resetting time and saved her a seat next to her in the inn. It was Thea who held Bryn after Oghma’s attack on the party, and Bryn is coming to see Thea as [redacted].

Other Characters

Oghma: Oghma was Bryn’s god from birth, and Bryn credited him with saving her from an attack by the abyssal god Ilsensine on her Naming Day. Bryn routinely felt Oghma’s presence throughout the next seventy-eight years. As she neared her ninetieth birthday, Oghma appeared to Bryn and told her to “fill the scroll” - meaning that she should leave Spriggan for a relatively ambiguous quest. Bryn was not allowed to leave until Oghma also appeared to Donnel Castguard, the High Priest.

In Little Grove, Bryn called on Oghma when she performed the “miracle” of creating food and water in Liliahil Stormosin’s stomach.

In Spriggan, Bryn and the Third Family uncovered the necromantic schemes of the Order of Oghma and, with the aid of King Angelspeck, captured or killed the leaders of the plot. However, when Rylan named her The Voice of Oghma, Bryn declined. She would claim is was for modesty, but in reality it was because she wanted Oghma to ask her.

Oghma began to fall silent to Bryn, ceasing entirely as the party traveled from Dewport to the Seelie Court. Bryn talked to a priest of Enoras Labeleth in Lymdell, and was granted a scroll that would allow the party to travel to the Plane of Knowledge. After defeating the Hollow Company at the Autumnal Ball in Morad, the party undertook the trip, with Bryn sacrificing her Sovereign Glue for the necessary magic.

Finding Oghma, Bryn was met with disappointment, as Oghma revealed her thoughts and motives to her and the entire group. Oghma then tasked Bryn with reforming a group of his followers known as The Namers, but gave no clue where or how Bryn should undertake this take. Oghma also set a part of himself in Bryn’s mind to “keep an eye on her.” This was the beginning of Bryn’s disillusionment with Oghma, as she did not understand why she was being punished for making choices she’d asked for help making, but received no answer.

Back in Morad, Kam and Rylan and Keres all gave Bryn advice about how to better herself, but she largely misunderstood what they had to say. She determined to remake her vows to Oghma, hoping that doing so would give her clarity. Oghma came to Bryn and accepted her vows, saying that he would grant her clarity in return, as well as promising help with her task of reforming The Namers.

However, this clarity and help came in the form of followers of Oghma known as the Silver Robins, who intended to kill Kam, thereby removing Bryn’s inner “conflict”. Despite Bryn’s efforts, the argument came to blows, and four of the Silver Robins were killed - one of the them by Bryn when she was able to recall Aniel from [unknown] and ordered him to “end this with mercy.” Bryn revived the stricken Glor, but the remaining Silver Robin, Nala, used “commune” to call Oghma to herself.

Oghma came and berated Bryn for the bloodshed and told her each of the Robins could have helped her with the Namers. He then offered to take her home with him to the Plane of Knowledge where she could be free from her inner conflict.

Declaring the Third Family to be her home, Oghma took “what was his” and the living Silver Robins disappeared along with Bryn’s access to magic, leaving her little more than a level one commoner.

During the argument, Rylan, Kam, and Keres declared Oghma to be their enemy, and sentiment Bryn has since agreed with. She now works to keep the Namers from being formed, and to aid Rylan with punishing Oghma for his actions.

Jinx: The proprietor of the Drowned Beagle in Dewport, Bryn felt a connection with the Kenku. She hopes to write letters to the woman who helped them save Dewport, but keeps forgetting when she has the time. She was on Bryn’s list to save when Emperor Aeldin asked who should be brought to the capitol for safekeeping when the Empire was under threat from Ramelas Civar.

Aniel: Bryn’s relationship with the celestial is largely unknown, though since Aniel flew Bryn from Eilistraee’s sanctuary city to Morad (a day’s journey), it must be assumed the two have some connection.

Aniel also provided Bryn sound advice about how to proceed after her rejection of Oghma and his subsequent abandonment.

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