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Ruinfea is a High Elf with red curly hair. Her eyes change color from Blue to green depending on mood. She also wears makeup marks on her face and forehead that change depending on what she likes for the day. She has recently cut her hair short to make battling easier. She wears a lot of green for reasons she keeps close to her heart. She can also wild shape so physical characteristics change based on what shape she takes, but her personality still shines through.


Ruinfea’s personality is one of intense connection. When she becomes attached to someone, she will literally do anything for them. When the group first met her, she was very reserved and didn’t speak much unless spoken to. She cares deeply for the Third Family. Her weakness is her caring, but it is also her strength. She has a flirty ness which has recently come out. She loves to be happy and dance even though that was something she didn’t think she would be able to do again. When she was reserved, she used her wild shape as a chameleon to hide her feelings and keep to herself. She has now put the chameleon aside unless needed because she doesn’t need to hide. She now uses creatures who are definitely not the type that can hide. Her personality continues to change as she moves through life with Third Family.


Before the Story

Ruinfea grew up in Olla Anore. This was a high elf stronghold. They were very much high elf and only high elf. She was being groomed to take over the lead of the family Galanodel. Her parents were Lady Keyleth and Lord Hadarai Galanodel. She also has two twin brothers Gildor and Lindir. They were extremely young when Ruinfea left. She had also been promised in marriage to a High Elf of the Family Lyg. Gwath Lyg (Shadow Snake) is 10 years older than Ruinfea. Her parents wanted her to become an obedient wife to Gwath. Gwath was being raised to take over in the army. She has not heard anything from him since she left Olla Anore (which is a blessing). She was not ok with her life heading in this way. She did not appreciate the way the high elves treated other races- especially the way her parents and Gwath did. She had even seen Gwath whip a half-elf for being in a building where only high elves were. They had done nothing wrong; he just didn’t want them in the building with him. She had no desire to ever marry him let alone be near him.

She left home on her own to become a better person. Her parents were not happy with her leaving, but she didn’t care. She needed to be her own person. At that point, her parents expected she would go out on her own and come back to the comfort of their home. They were wrong. She was on her own for a while as she tried to learn who she was and who she wanted to become. She had been studying to be a Druid for a while, but she was still so new at it.
After leaving home, she wandered alone for a bit then she met Kava. Kava was a green Dragonborn, and they became fast friends. They went on different adventures together and helped many towns with problems. On their last adventure, they were out helping some people. It was about a year and a couple months now. During her conversation with Thea, Ruinfea told her the following story. “We didn’t realize it, but we were surrounded by orcs. This shouldn’t have been a problem. We’d dealt with worse, and this was just another day. The family that had asked us to help them were a family of gnomes who had come to the area. The orcs were taking over their land and we were helping. Kava was shot with an arrow (which seemed fine at the time). Like I said we had dealt with much worse. But after we had dealt with the orcs Kava fell to the ground. She was shaking and I knew how bad she was hurting. We found out that the orcs had used some sort of poison on the arrow and as we had gotten rid of them all there was no way to know what they used. I tried everything and went to everyone I could. But we didn’t have much time at all. Within 5 days she could no longer move on her own. She could speak enough to give her last requests. She told me that when she passed, she wanted to be burned on a pyre. I was to use her ashes to create an immortality spell.” She handled the small leather bag again. “I keep her with me everywhere, but I still never told her how I felt. I was so busy trying to save her like she saved me that I missed her last breath. I will never be able to get over that.” After losing Kava, Ruinfea felt as though she had lost herself. She traveled alone and wild shaped into a chameleon as much as she could to avoid conversations and to hide from her own grief. After traveling for about a year alone and letting the grief consume her in a way that was extremely unhealthy, she ended up meeting The Third Family.

The Third Life and Family of Ruinfea

Part 1: Ruinfea in the Chronicles of Hilan

Meeting The Family: Little Grove

Ruinfea met the Third Family in Little Grove. They were not called that at the time, but that is who they would end up becoming. She met them in a bar where they helped to free a small dragon, they named Little one. Then they had to fight a giant rat, which was one of the first battles she has actually had since losing Kava. Going through Little Grove led to many things, and not great things at that. Ruinfea started her list of what NOT to do during this time as her first problem was saying Rylan's name out loud so that the Great Mother heard it. Ruinfea was captured as was Rylan and they decided to make an example of Rylan. Jii asked the traveler to help Rylan and they did. The evil woman was disposed of by Brynn...for now, but the people had a spell put on them and were acting insane. Ruinfea turned into a Giant snake and was able to hold the citizens at bay until something could be done.

Loss of Family: Spriggen

Spriggen brought more hardships to the family. On the way children were met who had powers to change things and changed Ruinfea's hair into more of a fiery flow like Autumn. The people of Spriggan and followers of Oghma were horrendous racists which really didn't do well for Rylan or Jii. This caused some dissention. The Family needed to help Rylan's friends Tiago's children. The woman who had taken Rylan and Ruinfea prisoner was their mother who was an evil woman. It was soon found out that Feno had issues with her mind, and they needed to go inside her dreams to fix it. This led to more issues as the forest of Feno's dreams was marred with problems. They were finally able to free Feno and help the family. Ruinfea and Rylan sneaked into an office and Ruinfea became a chameleon to get around without being seen. She was able to find a weapon and sneak it into the bag of holding. Orcus is summoned and through the battle took over Jii's body and he fought the party. Rylan had to do a difficult thing and stop Jii. Ruinfea wished she had been able to do something to stop this.

The Poison: Dewport

In Dewport, the party met Haidrin who helped them deal with some issues on the dock and to try to find out what was going on that was causing people to get sick. The family found out that Fuego and Rylan had been infected by something and the goal became to save them and then the town by finding a cure and what was causing the problems. The family was able to save Fuego and Rylan and help the town as best they could before finding out that they needed to head elsewhere for more answers.

Enter Loray: The Court of Coral

Needing to have a ship carry them to the Court of Coral, the family met with Captain Loray. A handsome and flirty captain. Many members of the family became seasick. Of course, this was after the family promised to help find Loray's sister and bring her back to him. Rylan also saved Loray's life by stopping a spider who was sneaking on board to plant a worm in Loray's brain. In the search for Loray's sister, a small selkie was discovered who had been removed from their pelt and the family decided to help them. Ruinfea went to help find the pelt with Rylan and Fuego. During the search for the pelt Rylan found an artifact that connected Rylan to Titania. After giving the pelt back to the selkie, Rylan had to kill Siobhan of the Coral Court and Dethrone Elias. The selkie, now called Ripjaw became the leader of the Coral Court. They return to the ship with Loray's sister and Loray decides to continue on the with the Third Family to their next local.

Parentals Punished: Lymdell

When the family arrived at Lymdell there was a battle raging around the city. To get through, Ruinfea turned into a Ankylosaurus and carried Hetzel into battle. They were met by Gildor who was in fact Ruinfea's brother. He took them into the city and he and Ruinfea talked. This is when Ruinfea found out that her parents had lied to her twin brothers about what had happened to her and told them that she had died. Because of this Lindir, Gildor's twin, had started messing with necromancy to bring her back. It was in the city that more horrible racist remarks were make especially by a singing bard who Ruinfea thought Thea was going to kill and she would help hide the body. The whole place was a mess and Ruinfea meeting her "parents" again, was a disaster. She was able to tell them off and get the last word in before going to the Altar of Deceit where they believed the problems were coming from outside of Lymdell. Ruinfea had to add another thing to her list of what NOT to do as she read aloud the name on the Altar and brought forth the Lord of Deceit. Thankfully Thea was able to polymorph the lord and send him packing. Getting back to the city it was discovered (to the surprise of no one) that Ruinfea's parents were involved with the Hallow Company and were working with the evil woman from Little Grove. They then took the parents and themselves though a portal to the capital to meet with the emperor.

Dances and Deceit: Morad

Ruinfea's parents are taken into custody. Everyone got ready for the Fall Equinox Ball held at the capitol. They met with a dragonborn named Meme who seemed nice and promised to see them at the ball. At the ball Ruinfea danced with Loray. This was the first time she had danced since losing Kava. Unbeknownst to anyone, Civar arrived to try to take the thrown and Meme was part of his entourage. They were able to deal with the situation at that time and Meme saw that she was on the wrong side. While out in the city, there was someone watching the family. It turned out to be Kam, an old friend of Rylan's who he hadn't seen in years. Kam decided to stick with the Third family for now.

Knowledge isn't everything: The Plane of Knowledge

The family meets Oghma and honestly it was so bad Ruinfea forgets most of what happened. What she does know is that there is major tension starting between family members. The family does meet Aniel at this time, and he becomes part of the group.

Brother lost; Brother found: Gael Aethel

To find Lindir was the next step for the family and find him they did. The problem was he wasn't the only one doing any finding. During the battle, The First Blade arrived, stabbed Rylan in the back, and took him away. Ruinfea still believes this was her fault as it was her brother they were trying to save and, in the end, she lost the brother she was closer to. This really did a number on Ruinfea's head and Kam was ready to deal with this first blade. Ruinfea used scry to find Rylan and they headed toward him. The party split apart in groups to save Rylan. The first blade had done unspeakable things to Rylan, and Ruifea and Feugo were able to free Rylan while Kam took care of the First Blade and then helped Rylan. The family ran into Rylan's mother who was "coming to help" Rylan. She did not seem pleased with Kam, which I think Kam revelled in. Since we had Biscuits and Gravy to carry some of the family, Ruinfea changed into a horse named Eggs. Loray rode Eggs...not Ruinfea. At this point each family member was given a piece of the crown. They were able to return to the tower so Rylan could rest and shower.

It's About time: Back to Morad

Things don't seem right and when the party meets back up with Carrion, they find out time has shifted and changed and that they need to go back in time to stop Civar. To do this they have to speak to the ghost of Tiago and go through Rylan. When they arrive in the past, Civar is there, and a battle ensues. During the battle, Rylan takes the spark from Civar and puts it in himself. Glyn casts a spell that separates the party and sends some of them away. Rylan and Kam vanish as well as Loray. This was a shock to Ruinfea, but she had to keep fighting. While Fuego is in trouble having been knocked out and Thea having to make a deal with Fire Tits. The family was able to find Rylan and Kam and they return with Keres. Rylan talks to Titania but realizes that during this time of the year he needed to speak to Mab to try to get Loray back. Rylan used a version of Find Steed and Ruinfea had to shed a tear (which wasn't difficult) and brought Loray back. Rylan told Ruinfea to kiss Loray. She was very cautious as they hadn't had their first kiss and she didn't want to do something that he didn't want, but Rylan explained that this was different and would help Loray. Loray awoke and Ruinfea and he went away to be alone for a while. Of course, Rylan had to tease them. Rylan also was able to retrieve Loray's hat which Ruinfea had bought for him. There is a little downtime and Kam goes for a fight in the pits while most of the family watches.

Tensions Grow: Road to Ruinglast

Things had been said that could not be unsaid and tensions were high with the family. They all kind of did their own thing at night but during watch another party arrived named the Silver Robins. Rylan showed hospitality, but the Robins were on their own mission from Oghma. Brynn got so angry that she called for Aniel and had him kill the Robins. Due to this Oghma removed all power from Brynn. The tensions do not ease even after trying to talk it out some. Somethings just take more time. When they arrived at Ruinglast they noticed it was overrun with the Black Hand and Kam put a plan together to come back and deal with them.

More Ruin: Ruinglast

Fuego reunites with Meme now that he knows she is his wife. Ruinfea and Aniel went with Rylan up the mountain where Ruinfea learned about not eating things. After the trip to the mountain, the battle ensued. They returned to the tavern in Ruinglast and during the night the Traveler came to Thea asking for the Family's help. Loray cannot go with us to the Fey Wild and Ruinfea doesn't understand why he must be left behind but hasn't asked as it was a personal thing with Loray.

Red Hats and Rabbits: Fey Wild

The Traveler needed the family to help him in the Fey Wild. A portal is made and there is a feast with the Traveler around a fire with music and other creatures dancing. During this, Ruinfea meets her first red hats. She doesn't have a clue what the red caps mean or the gold caps, but soon finds out. Instead of fighting them or becoming angry she understands that this is the way they live and instead chats with them. She even had a few of them flirting with her and wanting her to stick around. She told them that she was already taken. They were sad about this, but they will have to deal. The next morning the family went into the forest and met some bunnies and birds who were having a fight. They thought this may be who they were meant to deal with, but instead it was a sign as to where they needed to go. They reached a clearing with sticks and creatures locked away in them. It was a Blight witch, and the family started fighting them. It was during this battle that Brynn was hit and lost her mind. The witch was defeated and all those who had been captured were set free. One of these was Garrett who the family wouldn't meet until later.

Another Death: Back to Ruinglast

Back in Ruinglast Ruinfea talked with Loray about the encounter with the red caps and Loray explained about them and how it is part of their nature. Family goes to breakfast and Mimi goes upstairs to check on Brynn. She finds Brynn has been killed. Fell night, 5,7998. During this time the family makes a hate list of who hates us and who would kill Brynn. There is a large list. The family finds out that there are others who have been killed. They follow a lady to her house with weird kid. There is ooze all over the house. During this time, they also find out that Rylan's mom has been killed. Due to this, Rylan is now to be crowned.

Crowning of Rylan: Menzoberrazian

A portal is opened for us to head into the underdark by Bella. They go through a series of tunnels that have iridescent. They run into some Flumphs that are adorable and are very friendly. When reaching Menzo there are different groups of people. It is a gorgeous place. Ruinfea is the only high elf there. They head to House Benrae. Rylan deals with things of the realm and council. There is a horrible woman who thinks she can take over and be crowned. Rylan deals with it and makes her part of the council. During this time, they also meet Kam and Keres parents Grazzt and Tasha. The family dresses to match Rylan's aesthetic. The family meets Garrett who was one of those under the Blight witch's spell. The family heads to start their plan of collecting sparks by heading to the abyss.

Demogorgan: The Gaping Maw

They head through the viper's tree which Ruinfea finds out just another thing to not touch. They have to cross a creepy brown ocean towards two towers of creepiness. The family is overtaken, and they are made to think things about the other members and fight each other. It was a mess. The Demigoogoo was defeated, and Rylan took the spark and put it into Kam. The family is in a world of hurt, but Rylan being the leader and amazing person he is saves the family as a god would. The family heads back to the Under Dark to get Loray before heading to deal with Joaquin who is next on the family's hit list. Ruinfea hugs Loray when they return. They need to travel to Faerun.

Don't Talk to Wisps; Journey to Faerun

Loray captains the ship and is excited to be back on the water. While traveling, the family came upon fog and there were shiny wisps which Ruinfea sees. She is told they are Malevolent, but thought she hears Benevolent so goes to wave and try to talk to them. They all gang up and kill her. Thankfully Keres saves Ruinfea and brings her back to life. In dire straits, the family tries to hide in the bottom of the boat and is saved by Rylan's uncle Jar. Half of the family rides with Jar while the others stay on the ship with Loray. During this time Ruinfea and Fuego have a chat and she learns that Kava was Fuego and Mimi's daughter. Ruinfea had already thought of Fuego as a father, but now it was much more special.

Part 2: Ruinfea in the Chronicles of Hilan

Faerun: Into Waterdeep


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